12 April 2009

If now is easy like when I was six ^_^

I realise that sometimes-well actually a lot of times- i always ponder on my past. I once gave my friend advice not to ponder on the past and focus on your future instead. But the fact is, that was just me giving one of my advice that me myself won't follow. Sometimes i wish i could relive those days when life is way much easier than it is now. I mean, now that i'm 15 and a student and single and sometimes being like sumone else, i feel like the burden on my shoulder is at its heaviest. I can really feel the weight..literally. I'm having shoulder sore and it is getting worse. And I know that it is bad for me to whine and complaint about my life. I know that i should stay positive and just be grateful for i have..but staying on the bright side of life is just so damn hard to do. But i think by surrounding my life with good vibe and great person like my family, MOHD RIDZUAN and my laughing and gossip partner WAWA nn EMAN , i think i can manage to pull my self out of this crappy situation.

With all these healthy energy, i think my life can turn out to be better than when i was six, right? I think all I need to do is just get my head on something that would cheer me up and wake up every morning and just be grateful that at least I have one more day to spend with and to see the world again.

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