30 April 2009

from good loo0ooking to ugly :P

i just realize one thing.
when we fall in love wif a person,no matter whoever says the person that we love is Ugly,we wil think that da fella is Handsome.and we have no idea why they think the one we like,is ugly no matter how many times we try to think bout it:)And then when we dont love da guy animore.OMG they turn Ugly for us,aiya not UGLY LOOK,it just we feel like"he is not handsome,why do i like him before ?,so stupid last time".:p haha urgh its not badmouthing la,it just how i feel when saw my ex's pic in some site,Alamak ai,i cant believe i was that argh,silly last time because now i saw his pic,he is so not goodlooking at all.Guess who?remain as mystery haha :DD

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