25 December 2008


1. Gd looking (hndsme?haha)
2. Mr Nice-Guy
3. Steady career (smeday)
4. Has his OWN mney (smeday)
5. Great style
6. Great hair
7. Gd sense of humour
8. The one who will never break my heart.
9. Taller than (preferably; 170cm at least)
10. Trustworthy
11. Not a liar
12. Short hair,but not TOO short
13. Smarter than me
14. Well educated
15. Lve me fr who I am
16. Accpt me the way I am
17. Sweet/Charming
18. Fit/Well-built but not too muscular
19. Can speak in english
20. Will lve me bck <3
21. Lips like mrphine:D
22. Trusts me no mtter wht
23. Cn play th guitar (hpefully)
I knw they sound ridiculous but who cares?Plus,who knws smeday mybe,jst MYBE,my Dream Guy will show up?I knw he's out there smewhere,waiting fr me:) I jst hv to keep my fngers crossed.Yayy.Haha...

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